OrCam special offer this month

During the ACB & OrCam webinar on April 30th, we announced a special offer on OrCam products for ACB members. OrCam continues to develop its technology for the blind and visually impaired community. Recently, OrCam shared with us some great news: it has released the OrCam MyEye2 Pro and the OrCam Read.

Currently, OrCam offers ACB members a 10% discount off the MyEye2, and now, until the end of May, OrCam is offering an additional promotional discount for these 2 new products:

·     OrCam MyEye2 Pro – available at the price of the regular MyEye2 plus an additional ACB member discount

·     OrCam Read – available at a 10% discount from the retail price

For those of you who are not aware of these products, OrCam offers the most advanced wearable assistive technology that can empower and enable you to be more independent. The OrCam MyEye2 Pro and the OrCam Read can support you in education and employment. They can also improve your quality of life by allowing you access to visual information by converting images into sounds and read it to you discreetly in real time.

In order to receive your discount and locate the store closest to you, please contact OrCam rep Oded Tsin by visiting https://tinyurl.com/yaava4eh, and don’t forget to mention you are an ACB member.

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