Meetings and Events

There are so many ways to connect and engage with your friends in ACBVA. Our organizational events include:

  • Annual Convention: Annual state or regional convention including ACB of Virginia’s annual meeting. where members steer the direction of the organization
  • Monthly Meetings/Teleconferences: Our members meet regularly to share information on important topics including audible pedestrian signals, resources for blind and visually impaired students, services available in Virginia to assist blind and visually impaired residents, and how to effectively advocate in order to fully reach one’s full potential.
  • Social Gatherings: Participating in social activities is a great way for members to take advantage of opportunities within various communities and connect with each other. ACB of Virginia encourages you to advertise and participate in events which may include: local attractions, attending audio described performances, picnics, holiday parties, and fundraising events.
  • Community Events: ACBVA also participates in a number of events in our local communities to educate the general public and identify those that could benefit from the services and resources that we provide. ACB of Virginia members attend events such as White Cane Day events, walks/runs, and meetings with Senators and House of Representatives of Virginia on Capitol Hill to discuss issues of concern to blind and visually impaired Virginians.