The American Council of the Blind of Virginia (ACBVA) is a membership organization comprised of people who are blind, visually impaired, deaf-blind, and sighted. We advocate for independence, economic stability, and equal opportunity to participate fully in all aspects of society. We foster self-reliance, confidence, camaraderie, and community engagement among our members.

Information, Referral, and Peer Support

Our goal is to share information and support one another to live independently and have fulfilling lives in our communities. We meet on the second Monday of most months at 7:00 p.m. ET via Zoom, where we provide you with informative programs to address your needs as an individual who is blind or who has low vision.

Current Advocacy Initiatives

We are staunch advocates for our rights and for the services that make us productive citizens. Currently, we are working on the following:

  • Creation of a national framework for website and software accessibility;
  • Full access to video content from the video service provider of our choosing;
  • Changes in the voting process to allow us to cast an independent, private, verifiable and secure ballot;
  • Installation of accessible pedestrian signals to allow us to travel safely and independently;
  • Advocacy for more audio description on TV, in movies, at theaters, museums, and parks;
  • Tactile paper currency;
  • Accessible medical equipment, including tests, that we use in our homes so that we can independently manage our medical needs; and
  • Acceptance of our service animals on all appropriate modes of transportation.

2023 ACBVA Officers include:

  • Doug Powell, President
  • Donna Browning, Vice-President
  • Sue Bowmaster, Secretary
  • Marie Brinas, Treasurer
  • RoseAnn Ashby, Board Member
  • Tina Egge, Board Member
  • Margie DeMars, Board Member
  • Sam Joel, Immediate Past President

Questions or comments?  Please send an email to info.acbva@gmail.com and you will be answered promptly.