Virginia electronic voting

Everyone who needs an accessible absentee ballot should complete the absentee request form online and check the box that says you need assistance and provide your email or phone number.  The registrar is supposed to contact you to ask if you need an accessible electronic ballot. Alternatively, if you’ve already filled out the absentee application, you can call your local election official and tell them you want an accessible electronic ballot.  You will still get the paper absentee ballot packet with the return envelopes, so you can print your ballot and return it by mail.  I believe there will be 2 envelopes enclosed – you put your ballot in the privacy envelope and sign it anywhere. Then you put that in the outer envelope, which will have a tactile marking on it (like a hole punch, corner cut, or tactile sticker) so you can recognize it. And mail it back.

The guidance the state sent to local election officials is attached.

Please let us know if you experience any problems.

1)  Definitely keep sharing what you are experiencing when you try to get your ballot, and of course let us know if you get one and are able to vote.    The problems seem to be at the local registrar level, but let us know if there are problems beyond that

2)  You can also call or email disAbility Law Center VA to report the issue and get an advocate to join you on the call as a witness/advocate.  1-800-552-3962 (toll-free) or

3)  Tell everyone you know who needs to vote electronically to start the process and feel free to share the disAbility Law Center VA number with them for troubleshooting.  We aren’t sure if the state is doing effective outreach and we want to make sure everyone knows to request this, and to do it early so we have time to sort out these problems.

4)  We encourage you to submit written feedback to your registrar and the State about the process, and to send us that feedback as well.  VA is required to report on complaints and feedback as part of the consent decree.

For clarity, if you have a complaint or concern that you have direct knowledge of, or if a person who contacts you can provide details, please note the locality, the date of any calls or correspondence, and as much specificity as to the content of the conversation, and the names of the people with whom you speak.

Reach out if you have questions or need help.

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