ACB of Virginia and Nova Council of the Blind go Virtual

With the current Covid-19 health crisis sweeping the globe, it becomes more important than ever that our members stay home and remain connected. To that end, the boards of the ACB of Virginia and the Nova Council of the Blind voted to jointly purchase a Zoom Pro license. This gives us a single platform by which we can host meetings and webinars online and via phone dial-in. We hope this will provide an avenue for our members to stay connected and continue to exchange information. We are looking into exciting ways to make use of this new form of communication, including planning informative programming for the benefit of the entire Nova and ACBVA membership. Stay tuned to this website, our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and the Nova-acb mailing list for announcements of upcoming events and get-togethers. We look forward to connecting with you virtually and wish you and yours safety and health during these difficult times.

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